“your odor neutralizer was a God send”

Many of our X-O Odor Neutralizer testimonials come with stories telling us how X-O came to the rescue of skunk attacks. This skunk story is another great reminder that X-O Odor Neutralizer really does eliminate the worst smells and odors, even skunk spray! Read on from this email that we received in 2003.

From: "Diana XXXX"

Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2003 5:29 PM
Subject: your product

Dear Sirs:

I do not often write letters of this sort, but your odor neutralizer was a God send in the wee hours of this morning.

Here is my story:

I get home from work and have chores to do with our dogs (we raise Toy Manchester Terriers) then I know I have to go in the house to do some cleaning and moving of furniture because of getting new furniture delivered tomorrow. We have one manchester that has the run of the house with us and sleeps with us, name is PG.

Neither my husband or myself ate dinner we had a lot to accomplish. At about midnight I decided to give up, put the rest of the dogs (22) inside for the night as we usually do. We got that done, now we were done and could go to bed.

We let PG out for her nightly exercise before retiring. She comes to the door, my husband lets her in, she heads straight for our bed. There is something wrong, there is an odor my husband runs in and grabs PG and announces that she had been sprayed by a skunk!!

We head to the bathing area for the dogs - I grabbed your product, I started at her head pouring and continued the length of her body. We then put some in a cup, added water and poured that on her. I added shampoo and bathed her.

She was free of any odor!!

Your product is amazing and you need to add skunk odor to your list of odors it will can distinguish.

Years of hearing horror stories of people not being able to rid their animals of skunk odor and I felt like it was a breeze. When then had to come in the house and strip the bed of all linens - again your product was used and worked like a charm!

Thank you for your product and please let other people know about our discovery!

Respectfully, gratefully yours,

Burleson, Texas

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