“X-O Plus Cleaner as a skunk odor neutralizer”

Skunk Odors Removed by X-O Odor Neutralizer

When we tell people X-O Odor Neutralizer Plus Cleaner can be used against skunk spray attacks, they are a little hesitant to believe it, and with good reason. That's when we show them the many testimonials of real folks just like you treating skunk spray attacks with X-O Odor Neutralizer. Here is another one:

This is going to sound like a testimonial, and in a way it is.

My husband received a 4 oz. bottle of your product, X-O Plus+Cleaner when we used a air purifier on a trial basis. After we returned the air purifier we were told we could keep the bottle of odor neutralizer cleaner. I put the bottle away and thought no more about it until the other day when my gentian shepherd challenged a skunk and lost!!

We live twenty miles from the nearest store. I had no tomato juice in the house and couldn't figure out what to do short of sending my dog to a foreign country. Also, it was very cold outside and I was afraid that after the tomato juice bath she might get sick from the cold rinse water.

Then I remembered the Plus+Cleaner and used half of what was left in the bottle on her coat. I'm not going to tell you that she smelled "like a rose", but I really was amazed at how much of the odor was removed by your cleaner.

She spent that night in the garage and the next day I used the rest of the cleaner on her. I never had to get the tomato juice. You probably never thought of X-0 Plus-I-Cleaner as a skunk odor neutralizer but it works!

Here's the problem. We can't find a store anywhere in this area that sells your product. We live about sixty miles north of Joplin, or approximately one hundred and twenty-five miles south of Kansas City, on the southwest side of the state of Missouri. Would you please let me know if the product is distributed anywhere near us.

Thank you,

Marianne Xxxxxxxxx

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