X-O Odor Neutralizer Cleans and Deodorizes Dog Kennels Naturally

X-O Odor Neutralizer eliminates kennel and dog hotel odors naturally, safely, completely.

This note comes directly from a new user, a kennel and dog hotel:

Thanks for reaching out. We did find X-O to be very effective at neutralizing kennel odors. I would like to order 5PC

X-O Odor Neutralizer is a plant-based formula in de-ionized water. It's non-toxic, pH Neutral and safe to use with pets and children.

X-O Odor Neutralizer is used by thousands of veterinarians and kennels and animal hotels all over the USA.

interested in trying X-O? Contact Us at 800-442-9696 and inquire about getting a free sample sent to your place of business.

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