“X-0, I’m so glad to find you again, I love you!”

X-O Odor Neutralizer I Love You

When our customers can't get their hands on X-O Odor Neutralizer, they can become desperate! Would you consider selling X-O in your local store?

Dear Sirs:

Have you ever searched high and low for a lost pet? I mean walked the streets night and day, made phone calls until your fingers hurt, heard so many "no's" until you were ready to cry, and finally giving up for dead something that meant so much to you?

Perhaps this is not the best comparison one could make, but that's the feeling I got when my store, (the Alpha Beta chain) told me that X-0 Spray was history. I got the phone book and I called every grocery store, drug store, hardware store, novelty store, convenience store and hospital listed. None of them had ever heard of X-0 Spray.

There were several sprays that storekeepers claimed to be just as good; some even had rave reviews from satisfied customers. Some claimed they could get rid of Skunk!! Well, I tried a few of them. Some were too antiseptic, some were just too harsh, others just didn't do the job. Two were OK, but one of them had a telltale flowery smell and the other one irritated my throat if I sprayed too much.

After about (6) weeks of searching, I had maybe two teaspoons left of X-0, which I had been using to let store owners smell to see if they recognized it or had anything similar. Something told me to write the address on the bottle. Wouldn't you know it, I couldn't make out the address or phone number. I called information and got a number and sat for a moment looking at it. My first thought was that the company probably has gone out of business, but I decided to give it one last try. I dialed and I wondered who might answer, and how many times I would have to be transferred before I got the right person to deal with this?

To make a long story short, a "Wonderful" gentleman answered, who listened patiently to my story, took my name and address and forwarded an order form to me. I wrote his name down and somehow misplaced it. He had a somewhat English accent, (not what I expected to hear when calling Dallas) and I think his name was Brian. I'm not sure, but he deserves many commendations from your Company, and after talking to him I certainly will order again and again and look forward to the day when you are back in the Los Angeles area.

X-0 Spray, I'm so glad to find you again, I love you!!
Saundra Ware

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