X-O Field Test Report = AN INTER-OFFICE MEMO

This real inter-office memo was obtained by X-O from a friendly source. This report is genuine and conducted by people who have nothing to do with X-O Corporation.

I felt our men may be interested in knowing that I have just gotten a report on an extensive testing program for X-O by a large janitorial company here in Nashville.

They told me that pet odors in carpet and furniture is the toughest odor problem they deal with. Specifically urine and crap. They tested 1 gal. and have since purchased several cases for continued use. To date they have done 8 or 9 difficult jobs, one was reported to be so bad with “pet odors” through out an entire apartment, that no other company in Nashville would even touch it.

They are completely satisfied with the result of the X-O treatment and so are their customers. They use several other odor treatments for these types of jobs and say they have tried everything on the market over the years. They say that X-O is the best they have ever seen on the really tough odor jobs. They will probably continue to use other products on the less difficult jobs because some are less expensive but X-O is now the only product they will even consider for the tough jobs. Actually I think that if they follow the dilution rates suggested for X-O Concentrate we will be price competitive with the other products they are using. This should come with more experience.

Another tough job where they used X-O and had excellent results was on smoke damage. They say the job could never have been done satisfactorily with out X-O.

This is no more than what Brian Iverach has told us his product would do but this report from the V.P. and the job foreman who supervised the jobs has convinced me that this is one fine product.

This company has another division who distributes janitorial products through out the industry and I expect to get a mailing set up with them on X-O in the very near future.

Best regards,

[removed for anonymity]

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