“X-O is what I have been looking for”

X-O is a boon to bird breeders and bird owners and bird lovers everywhere. Unlike other major competing air fresheners, X-O Odor Neutralizer is completely safe to use on pets including birds! And to illustrate that point, here is a letter we received from one of our bird loving fans.

Medina, OH

Dear X-0 Corporation;

I am writing this letter to inform you how pleased I am with your product.

The fact that X-0 Odor Neutralizer is natural & organic is especially important to me. I am an aviculturist. I own and breed over fifty psittacines which included twenty-two different species.

Since birds are very sensitive to odors I can not afford to make mistakes when it comes to odor neutralizing products. I need something to neutralize odors without leaving behind any harmful fragrances. X-O is what I have been looking for.

Lysol sprays and fragrant scented sprays are very harmful and can be life threatening to birds. I can not use these products in my home or around my birds Even odors from cooking foods can be very harmful to birds. Before X-O I could not find any product safe enough to use.

I can spray X-O around my birds' cages, even the trays at the bottom of their cages with no worries of harming my birds health. It is especially nice to spray X-0 in my home before a customer arrives to neutralize any hidden odors I might not be aware of.

X-O is also great to use when I'm cooking. I spray a little X-O during and after cooking to eliminate any harmful cooking odors.

Thank you for marketing a safe odor neutralizing product that is safe for my children and my birds.

Sincerely yours,

Dottie Xxxxxxx

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