“very effective use for disinfectant or even as an airfresher”

X-O Odor Neutralizer can help people traveling, working in clean up, crime scenes and public service. Here is a testimonial that we've saved from years back when people wrote letters on typewriters.

To whom it may concern,

I would like to find out on how to order an xo solution from your company. I would like to have one for my house because it has a very effective use for disinfectant or even as an airfreshner. It has the best qualities and it is not toxic like other leading brands that only offers a good smell, but barely fights bad odor. I work for United Airlines here at Dulles Virginia as a Cabin Service employee. We have a team called DAAART Dulles Airport Aircraft Appearance and Recovery Team). We are like the emergency van that changes seat covers when it's wet, vomit, blood, etc. but we also have other jobs. Anyway, we use your product to counter bad odor on the lays, seats, and sometimes inside the plane itself. Upon reading the contents of your product it has a non toxic ingredients unlike any leading brand that you buy outside. This is one of the reasons why i would like to order this solution for my house. I hope you can help me and can give me more information about this product. Thank you and hoping that your company will let me order you "X0 Solution."


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