The smell is similar to Armor-All, can’t get rid of it. == SOLVED

From: Jack Platinum
To: X-O Corporation
Sent: Monday, June 6, 2016 12:13 PM
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Hi, my car has leather seats, which the previous owner tried to “condition” with an unknown product. The smell is similar to Armor-All, can’t get rid of it.

Will X-O Odor Neutralizer help?

From: X-O Corporation
Sent: Monday, June 6, 2016 1:34 PM
To: Jack Platinum
Subject: Re: Contact Form from : Use of your product


X-O Will help eliminate the emitted odor present in the air.

The problem in your situation is that the conditioner in the leather will continue to re-emit for some time. So after X-O has eliminated the smell in the air, the smell will return from the conditioner re-emitting from the leather.

Unfortunately, Leather is not always a water tolerant surface, and depending on the finish, certain elements in X-O may leave a discoloring residue behind.

Here are your options.

Scenario A
You can pick up X-O in a convenient 4-ounce size and keep it in your car, and spray X-O when you get in to your car, to eliminate the odor while in the car. This is very similar to my situation, I have a 4-ounce bottle in my car all the time, I keep it in one of my cup holders.

Scenario B
Once you get the 4oz bottle to keep in the car, you can unscrew the lid, dab a little on a fine cotton cloth, and rub a little area of your leather seat in the back, or behind the door jam, somewhere small and out of the way, so if there is discoloration it will just be a little bit where you can’t see it. If the X-O does discolor or lighten the leather, stick with spraying the X-O each time you get it. But if it doesn’t seem to lighten or discolor the leather, then test the XO some more and wipe down a new, slightly larger, more visible area. Again if there is no discoloration or lightening, you can choose at that point to wipe down the rest of the seats with the 4 ounces you have, or order a new “refill bottle”, either ready to go or concentrate, and wipe down the seats with that, and keep the spray bottle for convenience.

By coming into contact with the seat conditioner, X-O will be able to neutralize it in bigger strides, and you’ll be able to eliminate the source of the re-emitting odor quicker. It may take more than one wipe down to get it fully eliminated.

As long as X-O can continually come into contact with the emitting odor, it will eventually eliminate it from the source. The trouble most people have with XO is they expect one use of spray to eliminate the odor forever. And in cases like yours where the odor is being re-emitted because the source of the odor was soaked into something, you either have to continually spray the air to eliminate re-emitted odors until the source naturally dissipates, or you have to repeatedly treat the infected source with X-O, until the soaked-in substance re-emitting the odor is completely cleansed away.

And in your case, the question is how well your leather seats will tolerate the X-O, which is a plant-based formula of essential oils and deionized water.

We hope this helps!

X-O Corporation

From: Jack Platinum
To: X-O Corporation
Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2016 12:13 PM

Thanks for the quick answer. I bought 2 bottles, and applied it several times, and the smell is finally gone. Excellent product, nothing else worked at all. It also took very little volume to treat 2 bucket seats and several other areas 5 or more times, very economical to use.

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