Eliminate veterinarian odors safely with X-O


X-O Odor Neutralizer eliminates dog, cat, pet and animal odors naturally and safety. Just like Hospitals, Veterinarians can rely on the natural, non-toxic, pH-neutral plant-based formula of X-O Odor Neutralizer to remove the strong, industrial and sometimes hazardous smells involved in medical procedures and waste while being safe for the animal patients and their loving owners involved.

X-O products can simplify environmental maintenance operations and at the same time assist the best cleaning standards with absolute safety for people and the environment. X-O products save time and money because they work well and are convenient and easy to use.

X-O Odor Neutralizer (XR) – air freshener

Concentrated X-O Odor Neutralizer (XC) – odor eliminator

X-O Plus Cleaner (PR) – ready to use all purpose cleaner and air freshener – neutralize odors as you clean.

Concentrated X-O Plus Cleaner (PC) – water soluble all purpose cleaner and odor neutralizer. Will buff to a shine.

Dilution Rates: XR is ready to use. XC dilutes 1:3 parts water for spray applications; ½ oz. per gallon of water for wet mope/wipe down applications. PC dilutes 1 oz. to 7 oz. of water for spray application and 1 oz per gallon of water for general cleaning and to be used as the shampoo in carpet extraction equipment.

General cleaning: Use PR sprayer for detailing interior surfaces (paint work, fiberglass finishes, Plexiglass windows, chrome, upholstery, carpets and interior trim). Spray and wipe streak free.

Applications: Use PR and PC to clean hard and soft surfaces including metal, Formica, glass, vinyl, ceramic, terrazzo, quarry tile, wood, carpets, fabrics and upholstery; any surface that water will not damage. Use XR and XC as an air freshener as needed.


Clinic: For odor problems such as parvo, expressing anal glands and estrus odors: spray XR or PR into the air or directly onto the animal or to a surface. X-O sprays are safe, but avoid the eyes. Spray to the skin of the animal to relieve itching and pain associated with insect bites and skin disorders. Spray examination table with PR to clean up after patient.

Grooming:-Shampoo: Dilute 1 oz. PC with 1 gallon of water. Gently pour X-O solution over the pet, work into his coat (avoid the eyes) and rinse. Use PR as a grooming spray.

Kitty litter/Manure Piles: Spray five to six puffs of XR or PR to the kitty litter daily. Saturate manure piles with 1 part XC to 100 parts water. PC at 4 oz. per gallon of water for cleaning.

Cages/Kennels & Carriers: Spray/wipe out cages after removing solids. Use 1 oz. PC per gallon of water. Attach a hose end proportioner full of PC solution, spray down and allow to dry (no rinse needed).

Dog runs: Dilute XC, 1 part to 3 parts water, spray through a horticulture sprayer or apply through a hose end proportioner.

Show pets & hunting dogs in heat: For estrus odors, spray XR or PR to genitals shortly before show event begins. Also a useful application for hunting dogs. Works for cats and larger animals, too. (X-O tip: Spray clothes and skin to eliminate your human odor when hunting).

Skunk: Spray the pet with XR or PR and bathe with 1 oz PC per gallon of water. Rinse with clean water and dry.

Hard floors: Add 1 oz PC per gallon of mop water.

Carpet: If the odor is acute, apply PC through carpet extraction equipment. Use PC as the carpet shampoo at 1 oz. per gallon of water. Pre-spray stains with PR. For minor problems, spritz PR directly on the stained carpet spot and rub briskly with a towel. Spray skirting boards and lower walls if odor has been absorbed there. X-O is very effective in lifting coffee stains, too. When used as a spot spray, good cleaners such as PR and PC will lift dirt to the surface of the carpet so it’s a good practice to pick up the dirt with an efficient vacuum cleaner. If there is any residual marking, it will be removed when the carpets are shampooed with PC.

Dead Animal pick up: Spray directly on the carcass before picking up. After washing truck bed, spray with XR, PR or XC (diluted 1:3). Spray clothing.

Embalming: XR and PR are excellent for neutralizing the odor of formaldehyde. (Caution should be used when neutralizing toxic odors).

Farrowing room: Wet mop with XC or PC (diluted 1 oz. per gallon of water). XC may be fogged when animals are out, diluted at 4 oz. per gallon of water.

Feed Lots: Manual application: Water area thoroughly with diluted XC (1 part XC to 100 parts water) through an agricultural type pump spray or watering truck. Automatic application systems, blowers, injectors, etc.: Dilution rates range from one part XC in 50 to 500 parts water.

Milking room: Add XC to wash down liquids. May be fogged when animals are out, 4 oz. XC to 1 gallon of water.

Morgue: Spray XR or XC (diluted 1:3) on animal carcass or into storage facilities.

Stables, Stalls & Trailers: Use 4 oz. PC per gallon of water. Fog XC (diluted at 4 oz. per gallon of water) as needed when animals are out.

Tack room: Spray XR or PR directly to saddle cloths and harnesses.

Vehicles: Spray XR or PR to upholstery and mobile vet clinics as necessary. Use 4 oz. PC in a bucket of water to wash the exterior of a vehicle. Rinse and wipe non-streak dry.

Note: When using bleach as a sanitizer, rinse with clean water and then spray with X-O at the recommended dilution rates.

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