Patient Care

Odor Neutralizer Is Safe For Patient Care

X-O products provide great assistance in patient care. Ostomy and gangrenous lesion odors are eliminated with X-O, restoring dignity and comfort to the patient and the nursing care professional. X-O’s all natural ingredients are extracted from plants (typically used in foods, cosmetics and personal care products). Safe for people, pets and the environment. Our products save time and money because they work well and are convenient and easy to use.

X-O Odor Neutralizer (XR) – air freshener

Concentrated X-O Odor Neutralizer (XC) – Odor Eliminator

X-O PLUS Odor Neutralizer + Cleaner (PR) – ready to use all purpose cleaner and air freshener – neutralize odors as you clean.

Concentrated X-O PLUS Cleaner (PC) – water soluble all purpose cleaner and odor eliminator – cleans, neutralizes odors, and will buff to a shine.

Dilution Rates: XR is ready to use. XC dilutes 1:3 part water for spray applications; ½ oz. per gallon of water for wet mop/wipe down applications. PC dilutes 1 oz. per gallon of water for general cleaning. Dilute 1 oz. per gallon of water when using PC as the shampoo in carpet extraction equipment.

General cleaning: Use PR sprayer for cleaning bathrooms, counter tops, any interior surfaces; paint work, Fiber-glass finishes, Plexi-glass windows, chrome, upholstery, carpets and interior trim. Spray and wipe streak free. Neutralizes odors as it cleans.


Air freshener: Spray XR or PR into the air as needed.

Cigarette smoke: Spray ash trays with XR or PR before and after use.

Ostomy: Put a teaspoon of PR inside the pouch after emptying. Spray bed linens and bed comforter with PR if purulent odors are present. Use PR as a perineal cleaner. Spray PR to wound dressings if odor is a problem.

Patient rooms: Spray furnishings with PR to eliminate cigarette smoke, urine and musty odors. Spot clean with PR as necessary. Spray PR to hard surfaces and wipe dry

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