Passenger Aircraft

X-O Neutralizes Airplane Cabin Odors Safely

X-O Odor Neutralizer eliminates odors naturally and safely, even in elbow-to-elbow environments like passenger aircraft.
No need to worry about heavy fragrances or hazardous chemicals, X-O Odor Neutralizer is a plant-based formula in deionized water. X-O Odor Neutralizer is non-toxic, pH Neutral and effective against even the strongest odors.

X-O products can simplify aircraft cabin care. Our products save time and money because they work well and are convenient and easy to use.

X-O PLUS Cleaner (PR) – ready to use all purpose cleaner and air freshener, neutralize odors as you clean.

Concentrated X-O PLUS Cleaner (PR) – water soluble all purpose cleaner and odor eliminator. Will buff to a shine. Dilution Rates: 1 oz. of PC per gallon of water in the wash bucket or carpet extraction equipment for carpet shampooing.

Applications: PR &PC will clean hard and soft surfaces; any surface that water will not damage.

General cleaning: Use PR sprayer for detailing cabin interior surfaces (paint work, fiberglass finishes, plexiglass windows, chrome, upholstery, carpets and interior trim). Spray and wipe streak free.

Directions for Use

Cigarette smoke odor & mildew odors: Spray PR as an air freshener in the cabin when odors are detected. Spray PR to carpet areas near the galley and lavatory.

Vomit and diaper odors: Clean up solids and liquids with a towel and spray PR directly to the soiled surfaces. Wipe dry with a towel using push action to pick up moisture. As a final touch to freshen the cabin, use PR as a spray air freshener.

Decomposition food particles in galley: Remove food particles from crevices and spray wipe all surfaces with PR.

Carpets and seat upholstery: Use 1 oz. of PC per gallon of water as the cleaner in portable carpet/upholstery cleaning equipment. This treatment will clean and neutralize odors. To remove chewing gum from carpets or upholstery, apply pure 100% PC to the gum. Scrape the gum off when
it hardens, after several minutes.

Toilet odors: Spray and wipe all lavatory surfaces with PR and use the X-O as an air freshener spray when necessary to neutralize odors.

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