X-O Odor Neutralizer Safe and Effective for Crime Scene Odors

Law Enforcement

If you need proof you can trust of X-O Odor Neutralizer's Efficacy and Safety, look no further than the thousands of Police Departments and Homicide Detectives that use X-O Odor Neutralizer every day to neutralize even the worst, nauseating smells that result from crime scenes without damaging or interfering with the chemistry of the evidence.

X-O is a plant-based formula in de-ionized water that is safe to use directly on people, pets and even strictly controlled environments such as crime scenes. X-O Odor Neutralizer's natural ability to unwind odor molecules at the source make it especially advantageous when freshening the air from putrid odors resulting from blood and decay.

X-O Odor Neutralizers and Cleaners are non-toxic formulations developed so that there is a complete absence of odor shortly after application. X-O products save time and money because they work well and are convenient and easy to use.

X-O Odor Neutralizer (XOXR) – air freshener

Concentrated X-O Odor Neutralizer (XOXC) – Odor Eliminator

X-O PLUS Cleaner (XOPR) – ready to use all purpose cleaner and air freshener – neutralize odors as you clean.

Concentrated X-O PLUS Cleaner (XOPC) – water soluble all purpose cleaner and odor neutralizer. Will buff to a shine.

Dilution Rates: XOXR is ready to use. XOXC dilutes 1:3 part water for spray applications; ½ oz. per gallon of water for wet mop/wipe down applications. XOPC dilutes 1 oz. per gallon of water for general cleaning and at the same dilution as the shampoo in carpet extraction equipment.

General cleaning: Use XOXR sprayer for detailing interior surfaces (paint work, Fiber-glass finishes, Plexi-glass windows, chrome, upholstery, carpets and interior trim). Spray and wipe streak free.

Applications: Use XOPR and XOPC to clean hard and soft surfaces including metal, Formica, glass, vinyl, ceramic, terrazzo, quarry tile, wood, carpets, fabrics and upholstery; any surface that water will not damage. Use XOXR and XOXC as an air freshener as needed.


Air Freshener: Spray XOPR or XOXR into the air as needed or spray into air return vent to neutralize odors throughout the air system zone.

Carpets: Before vacuuming or spin-bonnet buffing, spray XOPR to carpet. Use 1 oz. XOPC per gallon of water in carpet extraction cleaner system. No need to add other cleaning chemicals.

Hard floors: Use 1 oz. XOPC per gallon of water for wet mopping.

Dumpsters: Spray XOPR or XOXR into the dumpster each time trash is taken out. Use 1 part XOXC per 50 parts water in dumpster spray systems.

Cigarette smoke: Spray ash trays with XOPR. In rooms where ever smoking is permitted, make a wick with paper towel in a container, soak with XOPR and place behind an air vent or screen.

Furnishings: Freshen up and spot clean as necessary with XOPR spray.

Jail cells: Wet mop floors and walls with 1 oz. XOPR to 1 gallon of water. Clean wash basins and toilet bowl with XOPR (Spray and wipe).

Police Vehicles & Prisoner Transportation: Spray XOPR as an air freshener. Clean interior surfaces with XOPR spray, wipe dry with a clean cloth. Wash down vehicles with 1 oz. XOPC per gallon of water.

Kitchen: Spray waste food receptacles with XOPR or XOXR. Use XOPR to clean refrigeration units and counter tops.

Mopping: Use 4 oz. XOPC per gallon of water to mop floors.

Rest Rooms: Spray XOPR to all surfaces and wipe with a clean cloth. Use 4 oz. XOPC per gallon of water to wash floors and walls.

Shower rooms: Pressure spray after application of XOPC diluted 4 oz. per gallon of water.

Laundry: Spray clothes baskets with XOPR. Add 4 oz. XOPC to wash cycle when dealing with sports attire. Spray XOPR into the dryer if any odor remains after washing.

Homicide: Spray XOPR to neutralize decomposition odors in the air and also to the body bag. If the body is found in a dwelling or in a vehicle, clean up liquids and any solids and spray the area with XOPR. Keep all doors and windows closed and air handling equipment running. In large spaces, fog XOXC at 4 oz. per gallon of water using cold aerosol equipment.

Paramedics: Use XOPR as an air freshener and as a cleaner of surfaces. Use 4 oz. XOPC per gallon of water to clean patient area. Use 1 oz. XOPC per gallon of water to clean the exterior of the vehicle.

Canine Units: Spray XOPR directly to the dogs coat as a grooming aid (avoid the eyes). Shampoo: Add 1 oz. XOPC to 32 oz. water and pour over the dog and working into the coat. Rinse with clean water. Canine housing may be cleaned with 4 oz. XOPC per gallon of water. XOPR may be used as a bitch spray.

Mounted Patrols: Spray down stable and trailer with 4 oz. XOPC per gallon of water prior to pressure spray cleaning. Use XOPR on saddle cloth and harness if odor is a problem.

Visit our web site, www.air-freshener-xo.com for Material Safety Data Sheets and other technical information.