Car Washes

X-O Neutralizes Car Wash and Car Odors

X-O Odor Neutralizer eliminates odors safely with a non-toxic, plant-based formula that can be used in small enclosed spaces such as cars and automobiles. Car washes around the world rely on X-O odor neutralizer to eliminate the most sun-baked closed-in car odors naturally - safely, with no toxins, no bleach and no enzymes.

X-O Products can simplify car wash operations and at the same time ensure the best cleaning standards with absolute safety for people and the environment. Our products save time and money because they work well and are convenient and easy to use.

X-O Odor Neutralizer (XOXR) – Air freshener

X-O PLUS Cleaner (XOPR) – Ready to use all purpose cleaner and air freshener – neutralize odors as you clean.

Concentrated X-O Odor Neutralizer (XOXC) – Odor eliminator

Concentrated X-O PLUS Cleaner (XOPC) – All purpose cleaner and odor eliminator. Will buff to a shine.

Dilution Rates: XOXR is ready to use. XOXC dilutes 1:3 parts water for spray applications; XOPC dilutes 1 oz. per gal. of water for general cleaning; a dilution of 500 parts water to one part XOPC should be used to charge the car wash tank. Make up as necessary.

Applications: XOPR and XOPC will clean hard and soft surfaces including metal, Formica ceramic, terrazzo, quarry tile, wood, carpets, glass, vinyl, fabrics and upholstery; any surface that water will not damage.

Auto cleaning: Use XOPR sprayer for detailing all automobile surfaces (glass, chrome, upholstery, carpets and interior trim). Spray and wipe streak free.

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