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X-O Corporation respects your privacy and does not resell your email address or contact information to third-party marketers or spammers. X-O Corporation does not use technology to gain personal information about you without your consent.

X-O Corporation does use common website traffic monitoring and analysis tools such as AW Stats and Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools for anonymous website traffic analysis.

X-O Corporation does use a website contact form to generate an email between the user and X-O Corporation. All information submitted is voluntary and your information is kept private by X-O Corporation.

X-O Corporation does use letters, pictures and video submitted by customers for use as testimonials. Testimonials submitted to X-O Corporation become X-O Corporation property and may be used online and in print for marketing or advertising.

X-O Corporation does use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate with consumers and vendors online and participate in public discussion. X-O Corporation assumes no privacy liability in social media and public forum.

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Privacy Policy last updated 05/16/2015.