I used X-O and we all are convinced it is as effective as your claims

X-O Odor Neutralizer Does What It Says It Does

Customers of X-O Odor Neutralizer continually tell us, "Your product does what it says it does". We think that's great praise. Here's a user's comments from 2001 showing that we have a long track-record of doing what we claim on the bottle: neutralizing odors naturally, quickly.

Date: Saturday, September 08, 2001
Time: 02:11:00 PM


I have just returned from a long trip with many hotel/motel stops that included my wife's sister (3 to a room). An air freshener was of concern to all. I used X-0 and we all are convinced it is as effective as your claims. Now back at home, I decided to stock up with a couple more of the small spray bottles, but find that the stores which had it last month are all now no longer handling it. If I can get this product again, I will see to it that favorable publicity will make a lot of people ask the merchants for it again. Our town has 3 or 4 Staters markets, and all moved their stocks out of view or customer access. Can you tell me who else around here may keep stock? We have searched all large chain stores in this town to no avail. Thank you. Glenn Xxxxxx

Hemet, CA (Riverside County)

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