“I sprayed it with the X-0 Plus… and voila! It’s gone.”

X-O Plus Removes Carpet Stain

Our X-O Odor Neutralizer PLUS Cleaner customers love to report stubborn stains and odors that our X-O Plus removes! Here's another report of a stubborn carpet stain of "more than a year".

By the way, I just checked a really stubborn stain that was not pet related, but related to something that was caused by an unknown cause. It has been a somewhat pink stain on my carpet for more than a year. I have tried virtually everything that I thought was safe to clean it.

I sprayed it with the X-0 Plus and waited a minute or so then used an old tee shirt to rub the stain. It didn't look like it would be effective. So I just figured it was because the stain was an old one and too deeply embedded in the carpet. That was about an hour ago. I just checked it again, and voila! It's gone.

Congratulations on this product. Where can I buy stock?


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