Eliminate Odors from Old Toys and Fabrics

X-O Odor Neutralizer is non-toxic, pH Neutral and safe to use on fabric and bedding.

And some of our more precious things, like teddy bears and security blankets, have been with us for years, through good times, and messy times.

But you can eliminate even the strongest odors from fabric toys and bedding without worrying about the safety of children and pets. X-O Odor Neutralizer is a plant-based formula in deionized water and is safe to use on water-tolerant surfaces and fabrics.

X-O Odor Neutralizer contains no man-made chemicals, enzymes or perfumes. X-O Odor Neutralizer is made in the USA since 1985, and was an Eco-friendly product long before "green" was cool.

Support your local merchant by checking our list of Where to Buy or order X-O Odor Neutralizer securely on our online store. Or to have help placing your order call our corporate office at 800-442-9696.

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