X-O Odor Neutralizer Eliminates Animal Urine Odors

Eliminate Animal Urine Odor = SOLVED

Here at X-O Odor Neutralizer, we get quite frequently asked about animal urine. Cat Urine, Dog Urine, Moose, Mouse, and Fox urine. Even human urine odor can be neutralized by X-O.

And all of the questions that we get can be boiled down into these two questions:

1) Will X-O really eliminate animal urine odor?

The answer is Yes. Yes, X-O Odor Neutralizer really will eliminate any urine odor, naturally.

2) X-O worked great to eliminate the animal urine odor, but the smell came back! What do I do?

And the problem with animal urines in general is that they are built by nature to re-emit odor over time, and they are designed by nature to be very long lasting.

So you have two options:

You can continually respray X-O into the air whenever you smell the odor. X-O will continue to eliminate the odor from the air, but you will be required to continually respray as the urine re-emits its odor.

Or, to really get rid of the smell in the long term, you need to eliminate the source of the odor. This is not always easy, as it is sometimes impossible to determine all of the locations of the urine.

But if you have accessibility to the urine stained area you can clean and reclean it with X-O Plus. X-O Plus will ultimately break down all of the urine compound with repeated washings.

When battling urine odors and stains, one must have patience and not fall into the trap of expecting a “spray it once and never again” solution to eliminating urine odor. Due to the natural design of urine, especially with predatory and prey animals, this just isn’t possible.

X-O will eliminate urine odors, but urine stains will continue to re-emit odor, and unless dealt with at the source, with repeated washings to fully eliminate the urine, people will find that they continually need to freshen the air with X-O Odor Neutralizer.

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