About X-O

X-O is a fine company with excellent products that work naturally with unmatched efficacy.

X-O Corporation was founded in Dallas, Texas in the mid 1980's shortly after stabilization of a proprietary odor neutralizer formulation.

Today, X-O Odor Neutralizer and X-O Plus+ Cleaner are used throughout the world. The many uses of X-O are referred to in this site.

Our products differ from other products in the air freshener and cleaning category. X-O eliminates all odors within seconds of application. We repeat: all odors are eliminated. The offensive odor is neutralized immediately and the pleasant product odor disappears at the same time leaving just a clean freshness. Also, the ingredients in X-O products are natural, eco-friendly and provide a level of user and environmental friendliness that is unique.

We offer superior products that fill real needs and provide exceptional value.

We love what we do and have fun doing it.

We value persons and we recognize that we are all associates in a business enterprise dedicated to customer service.

We treat others as we would be treated, with dignity, respect and honesty.

We practice superior individual commitment and performance.

We are genuinely interested in meeting the needs of our customers in odor control and hygiene and will not compromise our ethics or integrity in the name of expediency.

As a corporation we always strive to be an economic, intellectual and social asset to the communities in which we operate. But beyond that we expect to help make this world a better place in which to live. We manufacture products that help improve the environment for all. We recognize that our products enhance the way people work and live. It is an adventure and we celebrate the joy of working together and with our customers.

As individuals and associates we are loyal to each other. Outstanding team spirit is essential to X-O's success because together we can achieve far more than any one of us can achieve on our own.

Our associates are encouraged to interact with each other; and, at all levels of participation, to share ideas to improve X-O's effectiveness and the quality of life in the work place. We support each other and share the victories and rewards; and also the disappointments.

We care about what we do. We build into X-O products a level of quality, performance and value that earns the respect and loyalty of our customers. The quality of our products encourage the highest professionalism in marketing and sales.

We undertake to reflect the tenets of good taste and common courtesy in all attitudes, works, and deeds; and to serve fairly and in balance the interests of all associated with our business.

We believe that together we can achieve excellence in all that we undertake.

Thank you for considering X-O. If you are already a customer, we are indebted to you. If you are reviewing X-O for the first time, accept our warm welcome.

Please call us. We are at your service. Toll free at 800-442-9696 or locally right here in Dallas at 214-388-5590.